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South African male choirs take winning compositions to South America

South African composers Xander Kritzinger and Andrew-John Bethke will travel to South America with two male choirs to share their uniquely South African blend...

South Africa: world tourist hotspot

South Africa's popularity as a tourism destination, locally and globally, is on the up and the Department of Tourism says it is well on its way to achieving its goal to be a Top 20 destination by 2020.
SA improves travel, tourism competitiveness

Amphibians yield new parasite species

A renowned South African researcher has discovered five new parasite species – considered by many scientists to be nigh impossible to find – in the rain forests of French Guiana in South America.
Going batty in Southern Africa

Africa to get even more broadband

Africa is bracing itself for yet another broadband boom with the recent announcement of the BRICS-backed South Atlantic Express. This new submarine cable system will connect the continent to South America.
Seacom: new era for SA internet


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