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'We'll all be ambassadors in 2010'

‘We’ll all be ambassadors in 2010’

Ordinary South Africans will all be ambassadors for the country and the continent when the world descends on South Africa for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad told delegates at the 2010 National Communication Partnership conference in Johannesburg.

South Africans upbeat about 2010

The third annual survey of South African expectations of the 2010 Fifa World Cup shows that the country's people remain positive about the tournament's anticipated benefits.

South Africa's global 'brain bank'

South Africa’s global ‘brain bank’

Priceless human capital has left South Africa. The Homecoming Revolution and skills-hungry employers are trying to get it back. Global South Africans, a complementary initiative by the International Marketing Council of SA, is harnessing the capital where it now resides.

Why South Africa should be heard internationally

"South Africa is being heard, and our counsel on matters of global importance is regularly sought," Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad told delegates to the International Media Forum, because of our "experiences in dealing with the difficult and complex issues that faced us in our struggle for freedom." 

As South Africa prepares to take up a temporary position on the United Nations' Security Council our country will adopt an even more prominent place in the global community. 

Read a speech delivered by Pahad at the International media Forum, held in Sandton, Johannesburg September 20-21.

South Africa lobbies the US to extend Agoa

The Rhythm of the Nation

The television advert featuring South Africans of all persuasions going about their daily work, creating the "rhythm of the nation". The star of the...
Honouring black dead in Boer War

Honouring black dead in Boer War

Over a hundred years later, black South Africans who died in the Anglo-Boer War are finally to be honoured, as part of an agreement between the UK and South Africa to renovate and maintain the graves of some 25 000 Commonwealth soldiers who lost their lives in the war.
Finding the SA London community

Finding the SA London community

Feeling lost in London? Need to connect with other South Africans, find a job, hear about home - or just wake up and smell the boerewors? Check out our comprehensive guide to South African news, services, social clubs, communities, business networks and entertainment in London.
'Big bang' for SA telecoms

SA corporates to leap into VoIP

South Africans can now use the internet to make local and international calls. The deregulation of Voice over Internet Protocol telephony, the first step in the deregulation of SA's telecoms industry, is set to change the way in which many companies do business.

Religions ‘rebuilding SA’: Mbeki

President Thabo Mbeki has assured religious organisations that they have an important role to play in efforts to rid South Africa of poverty, intolerance, moral decay and underdevelopment.
Helping South Africans come home

Helping South Africans come home

Homecoming Revolution is an online initiative that encourages and assists South Africans living abroad to return home, offering a range of practical help and advice on every aspect of "remigrating", backed up by a suite of tailormade financial and business services from First National Bank.


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