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South African scientists make astronomy breakthrough

South African scientists make astronomy breakthrough

Wits physicists have announced a breakthrough in the study of external galaxies using the High Energy Stereoscopic System telescopes. The team has found three "extremely luminous gamma-ray sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud", a satellite dwarf galaxy of the Milky Way.

First Cape Town homes to feed power to grid

Three domestic Cape Town households are about to participate in a unique pilot project that will allow them to feed their excess electricity, created from renewable energy sources, back into the city's grid.
SA becoming a renewable energy hub

Mvelaphanda moves into platinum

AngloPlat deal to empower communities

Mining giant Anglo Platinum has unveiled a multi-billion rand black economic empowerment deal that will benefit communities near where the company mines, as well as communities from where it sources its labour.
Clean energy firm attracts US investor

Cleaner energy means more jobs: Patel

Moving to cleaner energy sources holds enormous opportunities for South Africa's economy, with preliminary research showing that 300 000 jobs could be created by the industry over the next few years, says Economic Development Minister Ibrahim Patel.

CSIR at the World Water Forum

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research will feature prominently at this year's World Water Forum, with several of the organisation's groundbreaking research projects going on show.


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