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Africa is future for software entrepreneurs

Africa is future for software entrepreneurs

A tech guru based in the city of San Francisco says Africa has the potential to create a new wave of global software entrepreneurs. He is excited about the possibilities of the continent, which will have 50% of the world's working population by 2040.

South African companies take to 3D printing

High-tech 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is gaining traction in South Africa with local companies using the technology to create intricate physical objects.

Watch: Global South African tech gurus on bringing skills home

A Google Hangout hosted by Brand South Africa saw expat South African tech gurus discussing ways to use their digital expertise to benefit their home country.

Wits to host inaugural Digital Africa Festival

More light will be shone on the digital landscape at the Fak'ugesi: Digital Africa Festival. Technology will play a key role in Africa's Century – widely held to be dawning – but for Africa to succeed in the digital space, it needs to become a leader and an innovator, rather than simply a consumer.

 Melissa Jane Cook

Youth ambassadors for climate change

‘Apps for Climate’ software challenge

The World Bank's "Apps for Climate" competition challenges software developers to use open data to create innovative software applications to help solve some of the developmental problems posed by climate change.
Treasury welcomes banking report

Australian financial firm expands in SA

Australian financial markets software provider IRESS Market Technology is to expand its activities in South Africa through the acquisition of local financial software solution provider Peresys for approximately R375-million.

Talk 11 languages on your phone

A South African linguistics and IT expert has developed mobile phone software that can translate the country’s 11 official languages into each other – and is now working on a version that will translate the languages of the 32 nations competing in the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Ubuntu software for schools

The open-source SchoolTool school administration software, conceived in Cape Town by South African Mark Shuttleworth in 2000, is now available in version 1.0 under Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Linux distribution.

An open solution to healthcare

A group of musicians, among them Grammy-winning singer Youssou N'Dour and South African-born producer Gavin Hardkiss, have created an album to raise funds for wider distribution of open source software among health workers in Africa.

HBD backs catering software firm

HBD backs catering software firm

HBD Venture Capital, the venture capital company founded by "space tourist" Mark Shuttleworth, has announced a R9-million investment in technology start-up orderTalk, a creator of highly sophisticated online restaurant ordering software that has its back office operations in Cape Town.


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