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How will the budget affect you?

Tax breaks for low income earners, but an increase in the fuel and road accident levies and in sin taxes. The finance minister pulled off a careful balancing act in a slow economy and an election year, tightening the reins on public spending but laying the foundation for the National Development Plan.

South Africa Budget 2014 – all you need to know

While jobs have been created since the "low point of the 2009 recession", the 24% unemployment rate was "still too high", Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said in his annual Budget speech in parliament on Wednesday. Watch video of the speech and view and download key documents.

World Cup 'a lesson in tackling abuse'

Biometric cards to beat social grant fraud

South Africa has begun rolling out a new biometric card to social grant beneficiaries that will cut down on fraud and corruption in the country's grants system, improve on the delivery of grants, and reduce the costs involved in making payouts.
Social grants making an impact

Social grants making an impact

While income equality remains high in South Africa, the latest figures from Statistics SA show that black households' share of consumption expenditure has risen, and that the government's social security programmes are having a "significant impact" on inequality in the country.


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