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Happy Feet offers a way out of despair

Happy-Feet---thumbFaced with few options other than hopelessness and substance abuse, Happy Feet offers the youth of Langa, in Cape Town, an alternative. The dance programme brings joy and hope to the participants' lives.

Healthcare plan puts UCT students in line for Hult Prize

Six students at the University of Cape Town are in the running for the Hult Prize, the world's biggest student competition. At stake is $1-million to get their business off the ground. The benefits are far-reaching, and the system could help underprivileged people across the country.

South Africas social entrepreneurs Helen Lieberman

South Africa’s social entrepreneurs

Four men and women have been chosen as finalists for the Social Entrepreneur Awards South Africa 2007, in recognition of their solutions to combating the social and economic challenges South Africa faces today.


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