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Reporting bad service - by SMS

Reporting bad service – by SMS

Cellular technology company Clickatell has teamed up with Don't Go, a consumer advocacy website, to launch a new service that enables consumers to share their customer service experience - and complain about bad service - by SMS.
ID document

Tracking ID applications by SMS

People who apply for South African identity documents or passports - including those who applied after 9 February 2007 - can now track the progress of their application via cellphone or internet.
Personal crisis help services

SMS help for teens in distress

Teenagers feeling depressed or suicidal can now reach out for help by SMS. Skilled counsellors from the South African Depression and Anxiety Group will be on hand with help, information and practical advice - and teens in crisis will never get a "busy" signal.
SMS for better sugar crops

SMS for better sugar crops

Innovative use of cellular technology is helping small-scale sugar farmers in northern KwaZulu-Natal improve their crops. A pilot project is bringing the advantages of technology to the farmers and, at the same time, making the most efficient use of their scarce water resources.
Tackling SMS marketing abuse

Tackling SMS marketing abuse

Tired of receiving unsolicited SMS marketing messages? The Marketing Federation of SA has launched a website and code of conduct to curb abuse of this direct marketing tool.


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