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‘Game-changers’ for the Western Cape: 2015 State of the Province Address

In her State of the Province Address delivered on Friday 20 February, Premier Helen Zille outlined the Western Cape government's five strategic goals to build a highly skilled, innovation driven, resource efficient, connected and high opportunity society for all. Read the full speech here.

A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path

In 2030, higher education and vocational training in South Africa produces highly skilled graduates, ready to meet both the present and future needs of economy and society.

Dassie is skilled communicator

Table Mountain’s rock hyraxes, known affectionately as dassies, may soon be as sought-after for their communication skills as they are for their general cuteness and appeal.
Table Mountain new natural wonder

Services for South Africans abroad

Skilled foreigners welcome in SA

South Africa is welcoming skilled foreigners with open arms. The government has issued a list of quota work permits for selected professions, which means foreign nationals with the required qualifications and experience will be allowed to enter the country without first having secured employment.


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