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Cape bones add new chapter to human history

Out of Africa always something new, or in this case something very old. An ancient skeleton unearthed on the Cape's West Coast has provided a new DNA variant. Researchers have found he belonged to the earliest group of humans to diverge from "Mitochondrial Eve", our common ancestor.
'Karabo' skeleton replica on exhibit in Cape Town

‘Karabo’ skeleton replica on exhibit in Cape Town

The Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town has become the first museum in Africa to exhibit a standing replica of the two-million-year-old Australopithecus sediba - dubbed "Karabo" - one of the most complete skeletons of an early human relative that has ever been found.

A new boost for an old science

The new Palaeosciences Centre of Excellence at Wits University will focus on increasing palaeontological research and making South Africa's relatively unresearched fossil heritage more accessible to the public.
Fossils tell the mammal story


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