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Alan Dershowitz: ‘An unworthy set of reflexive assumptions?’

Watch the broadcast of Dershowitz's statements, and the responses by both Morgan and University of Cape Town academic Kelly Phelps on Media Club South...

Alan Dershowitz: ‘An unworthy set of reflexive assumptions?’

At the start of the Oscar Pistorius trial, celebrity US lawyer Alan Dershowitz suggested on CNN that Pistorius would not get justice as South Africa was a "failed state", and the trial "racial". Simon Barber, Brand South Africa's country manager for the US, wrote this open letter to Dershowitz in response.

Canada, asylum and the sprinkler salesman

Canadian immigration official William Davis refused asylum to a gay Albanian man whose wife's brothers were out to kill him and an Afghan targeted by the Taliban, but granted it to a sometime garden sprinkler salesman from South Africa, writes Simon Barber.

Country Managers

Brand South Africa has country offices in the UK (London) and the US (Washington).

Organisational Structure

Brand South Africa is made up of four divisions. All divisional managers report to the Chief Executive Officer.


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