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Former teacher empowers others through creativity

Marjolein Gamble is a former pre-primary and primary school teacher who was inspired by a fondness for creativity to create sustainable products and empower...

The sharp-dressed men of Africa

The elegant, well-mannered and impeccably dressed African man is not a new phenomenon. But he is getting global exposure in the internet age. From the sapeurs of Congo to small town Namibia, these sartorial leaders are doing interesting things. But it is more than just the clothes; it is about meaning, manners and respect.

Shweshwe, the denim of South Africa

Introduced by German immigrants, intricately patterned shweshwe is a South African fashion staple, worn by township dwellers, suburbanites and rural women. The durable fabric is used to sew anything from wedding dresses to trendy gear, and has been seen on international catwalks.

Cottoning on to Shweshwe chic

Cottoning on to Shweshwe chic

Shweshwe - South Africa's traditional ethnic-print "indigo cloth" - has slaves, German settlers, King Moshoeshoe and the catwalks of New York woven into its story. Now, emerging Eastern Cape farmers and a new cotton initiative are moving this "heritage item" into the development arena.


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