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South Africans told: 'Go Open'

State’s IT standards lauded

The Mark Shuttleworth Foundation has praised the South African government for applying information technology standards that promote interoperability among public sector computer systems, as well as for its moves toward open source software.
HBD backs catering software firm

HBD backs catering software firm

HBD Venture Capital, the venture capital company founded by "space tourist" Mark Shuttleworth, has announced a R9-million investment in technology start-up orderTalk, a creator of highly sophisticated online restaurant ordering software that has its back office operations in Cape Town.

The A to Z of South African culture

South Africa is more than a cultural melting pot, it's a big warm potjie of culture, full of different ingredients and yummy surprises, developing its rich flavour over centuries. Get a taste of cultural alphabet soup from archaeology to Zulu, with a dash of Corne, jukskei, kwaito and quagga on the way.
South Africans told: 'Go Open'

South Africans told: ‘Go Open’

The Go Open Source campaign is an R18-million investment by Hewlett-Packard, the Shuttleworth Foundation and the CSIR to promote the use of open source software among South African home users, scholars and small businesses.
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South Africa’s ‘Afronaut’ back on Earth

Mark Shuttleworth had a busy eight days aboard the International Space Station: conducting scientific experiments, photographing key ecological areas, inspiring schoolchildren with live conversations via HAM radio - he even fitted in chats with Nelson Mandela and President Thabo Mbeki.


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