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Shopping online in South Africa

South Africans love to shop, and more and more are doing it online, logging on to buy everything from books to wine to electronic equipment. Here's a roundup of the most popular SA shopping websites - and links for those who want to hunt down the lesser known ones.
South African shopping mall development shows strong growth

South African shopping mall development shows strong growth

The development of shopping centres is on the rise in South Africa, spurred on by the emerging middle class and the unprecedented growth in urbanisation in the country.
Tablets 'pushing mobile shopping in SA'

Tablets ‘pushing mobile shopping in SA’

More than 70 percent of South African tablet owners are using the devices to shop online, helping to fuel the growth of mobile shopping in the country, according to a survey by online retailer kalahari.com.
FibreCo eyes SA broadband shake-up

South Africans buying more online

The total spent on online retail goods in South Africa grew by 30% in 2010, passing the R2-billion mark for the first time, and online retailers remain bullish about growth prospects for the current year, a new study finds.
Microsoft to premiere OneApp in SA

South Africans doing more with mobiles

The mobile habits of South African phone users evolved dramatically over the past year as smartphones, mobile applications, the mobile internet and mobile e-mail entered the mainstream, according to a new study by researchers World Wide Worx.
Meet Africa's greatest entrepreneurs

South Africans to help build Malawi mall

An experienced South African team of developers, financiers, professional designers, engineers and contractors are involved in the development of a new US$40-million regional shopping centre - set to feature several South African retail stores - in the Malawian capital of Lilongwe.
SA’s "biggest’ online retailer

SA online retail up 20% in 2005

South Africans spent R514-million shopping online in 2005, 20% more than in 2004, according to a new report by technology researchers World Wide Worx. This is not counting online air ticket sales, with the country's four "online airlines" together accounting for R1.8-billion in e-commerce in 2005.
SA retailers cashing in

SA retailers cashing in

South Africa's retail sector is cashing in on a sustained spending spree by the country's consumers - with many declaring bumper dividends and plans to expand their businesses.

African tourists shop in SA

South Africa has become a favoured destination for tourists from the rest of Africa, many of whom come to buy goods for resale back home - providing a considerable cash boost to SA's economy.
Plastic bags: think thicker!

Plastic bags: think thicker!

The ban on ultra-thin plastic shopping bags is now in effect. If you want more information on the new regulations, there's a hotline number to dial.


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