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A brand-new city is being built outside Durban

First there were the dreary little boxes of RDP houses. Then there came the growing recognition that it's not just houses that need to be built; communities and places where people actually want to live are required. And Cornubia is one of the first communities to come out of the Breaking New Ground policy.

DNA coding Kruger Park's plants

Pod may be a housing game changer

An insulated, easily erected single-room structure, built using green principles, is a new take on the traditional shacks dotting the landscape of South Africa’s informal settlements. The Pod is a prototype for a low-cost, off-the-grid housing solution.
Drive to help clear housing backlog

Draft law highlights kids’ plight

Recent parliamentary hearings on a draft Children's Bill, drawn up by the SA Law Reform Commission to bring together all legislation relating to children, were tense as welfare organisations and the government argued over key points excluded from the original draft Bill.


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