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Tag: services

Consumer help: other products & services

Auctions, electrical appliances, franchises, furniture, kitchens and cupboards, timeshare, weights and measures.

Consumer help: direct marketing, junk mail

Consumer advice about, and protection from, direct marketers and sellers. You can also complain about junk mail.

Consumer help: building and housing

Don't get ripped off by your home builder or renovator, or by an electrical or other contractor.

Consumer help: lawyers, legal aid

Unhappy with your lawyer's service - failure to answer your letters, failure to account for money held on your behalf, overcharging?

Consumer help: motor vehicles

Where to go for advice and complaints about motor vehicle dealers, garages and manufacturers.

Consumer help: medical aid and health

For advice and complaints about medical aids, hospitals or health professionals - including how to find your nearest private hospital, or get information on treatment costs and scale of benefits.

Consumer help: insurance and pensions

For advice and complaints about insurance schemes or pension funds - including provident funds, retirement annuities and government pensions.

Consumer help: advertising and the media

Offended by an advert or newspaper article? Want to complaint about a radio or television programme, film, video, book, magazine or other publication?
Health FAQ

Health FAQ

What are the emergency services like? And the state hospitals? Where can I find a private clinic or GP in my area? What medicines are available over the counter? Get the answers to a range of frequent questions about health care in SA.
Boosting small businesses

Boosting small businesses

As large enterprises have restructured and downsized small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) have come to play an increasingly important role in South Africa's economy and development.


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