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Mamas move for health awareness

Clover ThumbThe Clover Mama Afrika project has 41 Mamas throughout South Africa who care for more than 15 500 children and 2 500 elderly people by providing nutritious food daily.

Africa and space: the continent looks skyward

Many African countries have active space agencies, whose earth-observation satellites help find natural resources, monitor elections, track weather, plan agriculture, deliver services, and support disaster relief and military security. Space tech may soon also connect hundreds of millions of Africans to the internet.

High-level ministerial committee to tackle migration issues

On Tuesday 21 April South African President Jacob Zuma convened the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Migration, instructing members on what they need to do to promote orderly and efficient migration as well as peaceful coexistence between citizens and non-South Africans.


South Africa has a role in post-conflict development

When it comes to peace and security on the continent, South Africa plays a significant role: it contributed to the African Peace and Security Architecture and the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises. It also has an impressive track record in conflict resolution.
'Unprecedented' interest in Africa news

Special force to target Boko Haram

The African Union has agreed on a multinational force to counter the growing threat of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin. It also agreed that financial and material resources be provided for the force. Deliberations will continue at the mid-year AU assembly in Johannesburg.
Wet markets key to Africa's food security

Wet markets key to Africa’s food security

Even where supermarkets are an option, studies in East and Southern Africa have found that, because of a poorly patrolled chain of custody between producer and seller, milk and meat sold in supermarkets may pose a greater health threat than what is sold in traditional markets.

Vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities contributing to food security for all

In 2030, South Africa’s rural communities are able to fully participate in the economic, social and political life of the country. They enjoy good-quality education, health care, transport and other basic services. Successful land reform, job creation and rising agricultural production have created an inclusive rural economy.

Women and Girls Summit tackles issues affecting African women

The inaugural Women and Girls Summit 2014 will bring together a thousand women from all over Africa to discuss social, health and economic issues.

New roadmap for SA's aviation industry

EU, US nod for South Africa’s air cargo security systems

South Africa's air cargo security systems have been given the thumbs-up by both the European Union and the United States. The dual affirmation, unique on the continent, will be of huge benefit to air carriers operating between South Africa, Europe and the US.

Fighting gender violence ‘everyone’s duty’

It is the duty of all South Africans to play their part in the fight against the abuse of women and children, Brand South Africa said as this year's 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign got under way.


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