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22 monuments for 22 years of freedom

There are a significant number of monuments to peace and freedom scattered across South Africa – not surprising given its long history of struggle against oppression. With April marking the 22nd anniversary of South Africa’s freedom, we will showcase 22 monuments that pay homage to those who made this country great.

Mandela: the name that will live on

From fossils to flowers, money to museums, and statues to streets, Nelson Mandela's name lives on in various ways throughout the world.

A legacy for the African rhino

More and more South Africans, from artists to celebrities and ordinary people, are coming forward with their innovative contributions to the battle against rhino poaching.
Giving rhinos a voice through art

Video: The girl and the dragonfly

Video: The girl and the dragonfly

"In 2004, I had to make a decision whether to stay in South Africa or move to another country ... " Artist Marieke Prinsloo talks about expressing the South African story via "Walking the Road", a series of 18 sculptures erected along Cape Town's Sea Point Promenade.


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