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Guide to schooling

A parent’s guide to schooling

At what age must my child enter school? What if I can't afford the school fees? Are teachers allowed to smack my child? What if my child has special educational needs? Can I educate my child at home? We give you the answers, and more, to frequent questions about South Africa's schooling system.

Brand SA’s Sowetan Dialogues address high school dropout rate

High school dropout rates were first on the agenda at the Brand South Africa Soweto Dialogues on education, with residents and education experts tackling how to reduce the number of children leaving school early. 

Brand SA brings education dialogue to Soweto

Brand South Africa will bring an opportunity to discuss education with specialists in the field, to the community in Soweto when it hosts the second Play Your Part/Sowetan dialogue in Soweto, Orlando West, Uncle Toms Hall on 22 January.

Small beginnings, big hearts

The Chaeli Campaign helps disabled children around the country with education, therapy and assistive devices.

Three South African schools among world’s best

Three of South Africa's top schools have made it into the 2011 Global Education and Skills: An Oxbridge Guide publication, which aims to give a broad perspective of the standard of schooling around the world in both the private and public sectors.
Education boost for Gauteng

SA to clamp down on child labour

SA to clamp down on child labour

The government has released the draft Child Labour Programme of Action as part of its plans to reduce the number of South African children - currently estimated at around one million - who are forced into labour.
free schooling 5 million

Free schooling for five million

Over five million children across South Africa will benefit from the country's no-fee schools policy in 2007.


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