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Teaching SA's kids to save

Teaching SA’s kids to save

The Banking Association and South African Savings Institute are to pilot the Teach Children to Save initiative in a bid to give the country's youngsters better financial "savvy".
CT to install energy-saving lights

CT to install energy-saving lights

Cape Town aims to save energy and deter cable theft and vandalism by fitting energy-efficient bulbs, which will stay lit all day-long, in over 180 000 streetlights across the metropolitan municipality over a two-year period.
Clean water - a basic human right

SA’s water saving campaign

The South African government has started a massive water awareness campaign, through which Water Minister Lindiwe Hendricks aims to reduce the high levels of losses in the country's water distribution system.
South Africans 'must start saving'

South Africans ‘must start saving’

South Africans, caught up in a tendency to "borrow to spend", have been warned to start saving and to prepare to pay more for interest on their debts as well as for general goods and services.


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