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South Africa's plan to save mining jobs

South Africa’s plan to save mining jobs

Various sectors - unions, the government, and business - have come together to find a joint solution to looming job losses faced in the mining industry. Through a 10-point plan unpacked by the minister of mineral resources, they want to save as many jobs as possible.
Rhino poaching numbers in South Africa continue to grow

Kruger steps up efforts to save rhinos

An intensive protection zone has been created in Kruger National Park in the latest move to protect the region's rhinos from poachers. In other moves, four forensic trailers have been handed to Sanparks and regional governments to investigate conservation crime scenes.
SANParks sells rhinos to foil poachers

SANParks sells rhinos to foil poachers

South Africa National Parks is selling 286 white rhino to approved private buyers as part of its efforts to save the endangered animals from poaching, outgoing chair Kuseni Dlamini said on Wednesday.
HIV/Aids cases stabilising: survey

Wind-up heart rate monitor will help save Africa’s babies

A unique clinical innovation developed by South African non-profit PowerFree Education Technology aimed at helping to curb high rates of infant mortality across Africa is being fine tuned and commercialised through a partnership with global technology firm Royal Philips.
Swimming the Seven Seas to save the world's oceans

Swimming the Seven Seas to save the world’s oceans

Lewis Pugh, ocean advocate and endurance swimmer, set out on Thursday on his "most ambitious expedition yet": to become the first person to undertake a long-distance swim in each of the classical Seven Seas, to highlight the need for protected areas in oceans around the world.
Call to save Africa's forests

Call to save Africa’s forests

Experts warned of a new wave of deforestation in Africa, while emphasizing the importance of forests in slowing climate change, at Forest Day 5 during the COP 17 climate summit in Durban on Sunday.

10-year plan to save Africa’s chimps

Seven countries in East and Central Africa have developed a 10-year action plan to save the eastern chimpanzee, one of humankind's closest relatives, from hunting, habitat loss, disease and other threats.
Gorillas in our midst

African projects to save the earth

Two African projects are among only seven around the world in 2009 to have won acclaim from the UK-based Ashden Awards, an internationally recognised gauge of excellence in the field of sustainable energy.


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