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The dozen agencies that keep the country moving

Transport is the heartbeat of South Africa’s economic growth, ensuring goods and people move swiftly and safely to their destinations. We list the 12...

Eastern Cape roadworks uncover unique fossil treasure trove

The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) announced that the fossils were discovered in rock debris during construction work on the Eastern Cape N2 highway, close...
Sanral starts Eastern Cape N2 upgrade

Sanral starts Eastern Cape N2 upgrade

Work has started on the R900-million upgrade of the N2. The first phase comprises the stretch between Grahamstown and the Fish River, says Sanral. It has worked with Rhodes University to save the protected Oldenburgia Grandis trees along the route, which will be relocated.

Stalled on the Trans-Africa Highway

Infrastructure matters. If Africa wants to play on the global field, a network of well-constructed, well-maintained roads is crucial. Until recently, work on the Trans-African Highway Network was sporadic, hit by conflict and constrained budgets. But now, nations see the value of the system for growth.

Revamping Gauteng’s freeways

Greater safety is promised on Gauteng’s roads with the South African National Roads Agency’s announcement of streamlined emergency services for motorists, while a section of freeway notorious for traffic accidents has also been improved.
Think pedestrian – and save lives

Change of address… and attitude

A heart-warming story of how a new freeway development brought a major business and a small rural community in the North West closer together, and taught both lessons in humility and trust.


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