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Go on safari with South African ranger and vlogger

South African freelance ranger Ryno Erasmus is taking his job to a new level by educating people about wildlife on YouTube. He introduced his...

World falls in love with South African baby elephant

A video of a baby elephant playing with low-flying swallows in South Africa's Kruger National Park has become a huge hit on YouTube. Uploaded in late July, it has received over 7 million views to date and has been popular across the world. The ad revenue is also being put to good use.

When on an African safari, lock your doors

While visiting South Africa, the Sutherland family had a one-of-a-kind experience with an inquisitive lioness. The bold big cat ambled up to their car, and unexpectedly opened the door.

South Africa's west coast explodes in colour

South Africa’s west coast explodes in colour

It's "flower safari" time as South Africa's West Coast National Park prepares for its annual influx of visitors, come to see the spectacular spring flower displays that take place every August and September.

Cape Town Jazz Safari, with Andulela Experience

Cape jazz captures the story of the Mother City with its fusion of "Cape Coons" carnival music and rhythms from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Now, tour operator Andulela Experience offers a jazz safari that allows visitors to explore this unique sound through interactive tours across the city.

Lions under threat

The king of the jungle is not yet critically endangered, but if conservations efforts are not reinforced, lions may become just a memory. Several organisations work to save the big cats, which are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.
Giving wildlife a sporting chance

Whistle through the wilderness

Combine big game viewing from up close with a magnificent multi-stage mountain bike ride and you've got a winner. This is exactly what is offered by Tour de Tuli, run by luxury ecotourism company Wilderness Safaris in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
The pain is soon forgotten

South African safari Disney-style

Five-star accommodation, nature in all its glory and a blend of cultures are all in store for young tourists who embark on Disney’s Safari to South Africa.

Overland tours & guided safaris

Overland tours & guided safaris

Adventure, new friends and new experiences await you on overland excursions or guided safaris. You'll see the best sights, lots of game and much more - all within the security of an escorted trip.


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