What makes South African cities competitive?

When it comes to their competitiveness, South Africa's biggest cities fare well against other emerging metros. But they have a tough battle to reach the same levels as some of the world's most developed regions. Yet Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Durban have plenty of strengths in their favour.

South Africa must work hard to raise rankings internationally

South Africa places highly in several international rankings on competitiveness and governance, but some sticking points keep it back, most notably that it is a country of economic extremes. The National Development Plan aims to overturn this status and bring equality; such a change will have a knock-on effect on competitiveness.

Forum focuses on active citizenship

A core message of the National Development Plan will form the basis of the South African Competitiveness Forum. Based on the principles of Brand South Africa's Play Your Part, it will call on all citizens to work towards changing the country's reputation and competitiveness.

Take action for competitiveness

Brand South Africa’s inaugural South African Competitiveness Forum took place at Gallagher Estate today, with one clear message – it’s time to take action to make the country more competitive. The forum was an invitation to help shape the nation’s future, delegates heard.

The concept behind the SA Competitiveness Forum

  The South African Competitiveness Forum Concept Brand South Africa will host the inaugural South African Competitiveness Forum (SACF) on Tuesday, 5 November. The SACF is a...

Global competitiveness and African trade

THE continent is on the cusp of growth, but it needs to get its house in order before it can play on the world stage. African countries must improve cross-border trade and flow on the continent, experts say at an African integration discussion, which is used as a platform to launch the South African Competitiveness Forum.

Forum to improve competitiveness

THE South African Competitiveness Forum will be a platform to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses in the South African economy, especially its global reputation as a trade partner and investment destination. This will result in recommendations and actions that will boost the country internationally.


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