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Long reign of the South African shebeen queen

Tough-talking, no-nonsense and hard-nosed, shebeen queens used their traditional beer brewing skills to send their children to school and pay their bills. In doing so, they defied the apartheid government's ban on black South Africans brewing, and became iconic figures in South African history and art.

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Clay is a natural for cosmetics

Using ancient knowledge of indigenous herbs passed down through generations of healers in her family, throwing in some modern know-how, and mixing it all up with clay, Adolphina Setsena is creating a thoroughly up-to-date product – anti-ageing cosmetics and make-up. It's such a good idea, she won an SAB Foundation Social Innovation Award.

Top award for South African World Cup can

A novel beer vessel introduced in South Africa during the 2010 Fifa World Cup has been named Can of the Year 2010 by The Canmaker magazine, which reports on innovations in the metal-packaging industry.
SAB’s R6bn empowerment deal

Sudan brews its own beer industry

Southern Sudan, which could become Africa’s newest country after a referendum in January 2011, now has its very own modern brewery.
Brewery spreads African reach

SABMiller: brewing up a global brand

SABMiller: brewing up a global brand

There is nothing in SABMiller's history to suggest that it would become one of the world's largest brewers, with operations on six continents in 60 countries, brewing over 200 different beers at 139 breweries.

Brewing up a global brand

Miller Lite. Tastes great. Less filling. And brought to you by world-beating South African company SABMiller.
SABMiller invests more in Angola

Brewery spreads African reach

South Africa-born multinational SABMiller, the world’s second-largest brewery, is to tap into an African market worth over US$3-billion by opening four new brewing plants in Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan and Angola.  


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