Jet set duet wows crowds

Dance and engineering came together at the 2013 South African Air Force Museum’s annual air show, which saw an unusual collaboration between low-cost airline Mango and South African Mzansi Ballet.
Ninety years on golden wings

SAAF: working in war and peace

Aviation enthusiast Dean Wingrin’s new book brings to life the history of the South African Air Force through previously unpublished stories of heroism, duty and adventure, told from the perspectives of the people who served as members of the Air Force.
Yvonne urges women to aim high

Air Force goes hi-tech in flight training

The first full-motion helicopter flight simulator to arrive in Africa will be used by pilots of the South African Air Force as part of their training programme.
Rooivalk gets its wings

Gripen first for SA woman fighter pilot

Major Catherine Labuschagne completed her maiden solo flight in the South African Air Force's Gripen Jas 39C in October, becoming the first woman fighter pilot ever to fly the supersonic aircraft.


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