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South African products: names protected under new agreement

The names of a selection of South African products are now protected under a new agreement with the European Union (EU). It follows from...

Rooibos refreshes the agri-tourism industry

The prized rooibos, indigenous to the south-western reaches of South Africa, has long been used by the Khoi and San as a refreshing drink and a medicinal herb. Today it is enjoyed around the world. Its following has grown so vast that a pair of enterprising sisters in a small rural town has set up the Rooibos Route.

Rooibos tea is good for you

A study at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology has found that rooibos tea has helped to prevent liver damage in rats that had the liver-damaging chemical tert-butyl hydroperoxide. The tea may even reverse some of the damage done to the organ, it was found.
Rooibos takes the fight to diabetes

Rooibos takes the fight to diabetes

World Diabetes Day, held annually in November, aims to raise global awareness of the disease. Now, a team of South African researchers has released results of a promising study that involves the beneficial effect of rooibos on blood sugar levels.
Research says rooibos beats stress

South African dairy body takes top accolade

South Africa's dairy industry shone at the International Dairy Federation's 2011 Innovation Awards in Parma, Italy recently, producing both finalists and winners.
Southern Africa's greenest dairy

Rooibos gets a makeover

The look, taste and health properties of red espresso, South African-invented beverage that’s neither coffee nor tea, is causing quite a stir with lovers of both drinks.

An infusion of innovation

A South African community of small-scale farmers producing organically grown rooibos tea have steamed ahead to the finals of an international challenge for social entrepreneurs.

Rooibos now on everyone's lips

Rooibos now on everyone’s lips

After 10 years and over R6-million in legal fees, Rooibos Ltd has won the battle over ownership of the generic term "rooibos". The name of the tea, an everyday word in South Africa, was registered as a trademark by a US company in 1994.


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