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Boost for knowledge economy

South African universities have teamed up with their Dutch counterparts to develop a course aimed at improving PhD supervision. Better and more doctoral supervisors, it is believed, will increase the number of PhD students.
Cross-continental collaboration

Get bike wise

The daily commute's congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and frustration can be avoided - all it takes is getting out your car and into the saddle. Cycle Wits is leading the pack in getting cycling to become the public transport of choice.
Exploring bicycle culture in South Africa

Old Fourlegs – a fishy tale

Had it not been for the passion of a self-trained South African naturalist, the discovery of a living specimen of the rare coelacanth around this time in 1938 may never have happened.
Make a pledge to save our seas

The Ride to Rhodes experience

The Ride to Rhodes experience

The Ride to Rhodes, an annual six-day challenge that takes mountain bikers on a 500-kilometre trail through some of the most rugged and beautiful countryside on the planet, is more than a race. It's a journey into the heart of South Africa, as well a unique personal challenge.

Soweto to Oxford and beyond

The latest recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship is no stranger to awards and accolades – with his first one at the age of eight setting the tone for the ones he’s come to accumulate.


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