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Africa leads solar laptop revolution

The world’s first solar-powered netbook, recently released in Kenya, is the ideal product for a continent where electricity access can be limited, but sunlight is never in short supply.
Laptops to boost Africa’s e-literacy

Altech invests in East African cable

Africa set for ‘internet revolution’

Businesses across Africa are expecting a revolution in internet access, costs and technology as a result of the rush of new undersea cables connecting the continent, a new report finds, with wider access also driving increased use of social networking as a business tool.

African broadband to rise 500%

Africa is set for a new revolution – in broadband. Twelve new undersea cables planned for the next two years will quintuple the continent’s bandwidth, reduce the number of unconnected coastal countries from 19 to one, and drop tariffs by 72%.

Video: Vuvuzela

2010: let the revolution begin!

About a year before the 2006 World Cup, Germany experienced something of a social revolution. Like South Africa, German society had no shortage of "baggage". It took the launch of a major initiative branded around the World Cup to unite the country.
2010 and the craft of the possible

2010 art revolution brews

A quiet revolution is building ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Stroke by stroke, note by note, thousands of singers, painters and other artists are plying their trade with a strong focus on the upcoming event.


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