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WEF Africa 2016: connecting Africa’s resources through digital transformation

With Africa's economy under pressure, the World Economic Forum on Africa meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, will look at how the continent's technology industry can help overcome its challenges.

28-04-2016 Strong gains in gold miners, resources

Gold miners climbed 5.67% and resources rose 3.16% on Thursday, offsetting losses in financials and industrial shares. The All Share finished 0.30% up at market close.
Youth must move South Africa forward

Youth must move South Africa forward

Resources are being poured into education as the way to achieve economic growth. While the private sector has been asked to help South African youth, ending the triple challenge of inequality, poverty and unemployment is seen as the responsibility of young people today.

Africa and space: the continent looks skyward

Many African countries have active space agencies, whose earth-observation satellites help find natural resources, monitor elections, track weather, plan agriculture, deliver services, and support disaster relief and military security. Space tech may soon also connect hundreds of millions of Africans to the internet.

Protecting and enhancing our environmental assets and natural resources

In 2030, rural communities are thriving and prosperous, cities are compact and energy efficient, the public know the dangers of climate change and unconstrained consumption of natural resources is no more. Our priorities, instead, are on the protection and rehabilitation of South Africa's natural assets.

Call for Africa to beneficiate its minerals

Call for Africa to beneficiate its minerals

Southern African leaders urged the region to move away from exporting raw materials to beneficiating its abundant mineral resources as the Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit got under way in Zimbabwe on Sunday.

Centre of excellence to guide growth in South African mining

A new National Research Foundation centre of excellence is set to give fresh direction to South Africa's mining industry by guiding policy decisions, bringing more black people into high-level mining jobs, and ensuring smarter exploitation of the country's "cornucopia" of underground resources.

Africa’s resources key to unlocking its wealth

Speaking at a seminar organised by Brand South Africa and the Department of Trade and Industry, Andre Groenewald from the Department of International Relations said Africa's star was rising, as the continent's natural resources give it a competitive edge in the global economy.

JSE in hedge fund trading first

Camac Energy lists on South African bourse

Camac Energy, a US-based oil and gas exploration and production company focused on energy resources in Africa, on Monday became the first new company to list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2014.

Focus on African resources at Mining Indaba

With #MiningIndaba trending on Twitter, the first full day of the 20th Investing in African Mining Indaba in Cape Town focused on transparency in the industry, and on the scramble for Africa's resources – the continent accounts for 30% of mining resources in the world, much of it untapped.


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