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The Griqua Town R5 coin celebrates the history of South African coinage

The Griqua Town R5 coin celebrates the history of South African coinage

The Reserve Bank has issued a commemorative R5 coin into general circulation that celebrates Griekwastad, in Northern Cape. The town was an important stopover on the trade route into the interior. The issue also commemorates the history of coinage in South Africa.
Africa 'increasingly better managed'

Africa ‘increasingly better managed’

Deepening improvements in governance have strengthened Africa's prospects for sustainable growth, attracting the attention of foreign investors, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Daniel Mminele told a financial summit in Johannesburg this week.

South Africa: great for investment

The Oxford Business Group has launched a comprehensive landmark report which reveals South Africa’s attractive standing as an investment destination.
Invest in Africa

SA family planning above average: UN

Tito’s ego

The governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni, is a snazzy dresser, always well-groomed, and has a ready smile. He also likes talking about himself. Hallmarks of a vain man, writes Fred Khumalo.

SA business shows the money

SA business shows the money

South African companies have consistently been investing in SA - and analysts say it's a myth that local business is unpatriotic. That's after the release of the Reserve Bank's 2004 annual report, which shows an upward trend in investment spending.

South Africa’s new R5 coin

The Reserve Bank has launched a new bi-metal R5 coin with added security features in a bid to outsmart counterfeiters, and urged South Africans to familiarise themselves not only with the new R5 coin, but with all South African currency.

SA banks’ governance ‘sound’

An independent review of South Africa's five largest banking groups has found that corporate governance standards are sound and comply with international norms.


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