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Madagascar’s natural resources under siege

Scientists are racing to preserve Madagascar's trove of unique flora and fauna as deforestation threatens the African island's diverse plant and animal wealth....
SA researchers measure democracy on social media

SA researchers measure democracy on social media

Prof Pierre du Toit and Barend Lutz from Stellenbosch University have developed a method to measure public expressions of support for democracy on Twitter. Digital social media have become major global channels of communication, with ramifications for established democracies, they say.
Wits University researchers reveal how the tortoise got its shell

Wits University researchers reveal how the tortoise got its shell

Dr Tyler Lyson and his colleagues at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have published a paper on the origin of the tortoise's shell, and how these creatures came to develop their breathing apparatus.

Top prize for local TB researchers

The Cape Town-based Desmond Tutu TB Centre has won a prestigious global accolade for its work, a welcome nod of approval for those working to help reduce infections of the lung disease among children in South Africa and the rest of the developing world.
TB diagnosis breakthrough

Drug delivery gets sophisticated

Wits University researchers are developing advanced drug delivery technologies that will change the way people take medication, improve the efficacy of drugs and reduce the cost of medicine.
SA triage system to go global

South African team leads study on anti-HIV gel

A South African team of researchers will soon lead a major follow-up clinical trial to confirm the effectiveness and safety of tenofovir gel, an antiretroviral microbicide, which has been proven to reduce HIV infection in women.
Major HIV prevention breakthrough

Germs produce novel HIV drug

South African researchers have genetically engineered a strain of bacteria to produce large and affordable quantities of a novel and highly effective treatment for HIV.

Anti-Aids gel offers hope

After years of disappointments, South African Aids researchers have announced results from a trial in which a vaginal microbicide appeared to offer promise in preventing HIV infection in women.

Unearthing our human ancestors

A team of researchers from South Africa, Israel and Canada, led by Canadian anthropologist Professor Michael Chazan, has found artefacts, thought to be at least 2-million years old, in a cave in the Northern Cape.


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