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Infographic: African alliances help boost regional prosperity

Regional alliances of African countries have one goal in common: to increase economic cohesion and so improve the lives of citizens, as sovereign nations align their priorities to achieve a wider prosperity.

'Unprecedented' interest in Africa news

Charting a path for African integration

African political and business leaders and development experts gathered in Johannesburg on Monday to discuss regional integration and its role in boosting economic growth and human well-being on the continent at the three-day African Economic Conference.
African blocs to attend BRICS summit

African blocs to attend BRICS summit

In a first for BRICS, high-level representatives of Africa's regional economic blocs and the African Union (AU) have been invited to attend the fifth BRICS summit taking place in Durban in March.
Treasury welcomes banking report

Bytes, US firm eye regional expansion

US technology firm NCR Corporation and Bytes Technology Group, a subsidiary of JSE-listed Altron, have extended a five-year agreement that will enable Bytes to offer a much wider range of innovative NCR solutions to its customers in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

African leaders unite economies

Heads of states of 26 African countries belonging to three economic regions across the continent, have taken a historic step and resolved to merge the blocs into a single regional market.


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