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SKA will boost Africa’s presence in science fields

South Africa has spent more than R29-million on bursaries in engineering, astrophysics and astronomy in the past nine years, riding on the back of the SKA project. Young scientists from across the continent have benefited. One day, they may win Nobel prizes for their innovations.

SKA bosses agree on Phase 1 design

SKA bosses agree on Phase 1 design

Phase One of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), with a budget of €650-million, comprises two complementary world-class instruments - one in South Africa and one in Australia. The project to build the world's largest telescope will deliver "exciting and transformational science", SKA says.

SKA will change the way we listen to the universe

It is billions of rand and years in the making, but once the Square Kilometre Array – most of which will be located in South Africa – is up and running, it will offer a clear hotline to the universe. The massive radio telescope installation will help scientists study the stars.

All systems go at the SKA

It’s all systems go at the SKA site in the Northern Cape. There’s a brand new landing strip which will cut down on transport time to and from the site, and a whole host of new buildings going up. And there’s also the MeerKAT.
MeerKAT is under way

Pandor: we did it

After weeks of speculation, members of the Square Kilometre Array Organisation have announced that South Africa and Australia will jointly host the world’s largest radio telescope.
Great astronomy, with or without SKA

Big science coming to Africa

Africa is ready to host the Square Kilometre Array – this is the emphatic message delivered by science and technology minister Naledi Pandor at a media briefing in Johannesburg.
Great astronomy, with or without SKA


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