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Abramjee: South Africans, Play Your Part this Human Rights Month

Abramjee thumbOperation Hydrate's Yusuf Abramjee calls on all residents of South Africa to be patriotic, be good citizens and uphold the country's Constitution, despite the challenges the country faces.

South Africa tackles racism

South Africa tackles racism

There was a need for a multi-pronged approach to deal with racism in South Africa, said Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa at the launch Anti-Racism Week, an initiative announced by the newly established Anti-Racism Network South Africa.

Statement from Brand South Africa on the current developments in South Africa, 17 April...

Brand South Africa joins the rest of the country in condemning the acts of violence that have been levelled against some foreign national residing in some of the nine provinces of South Africa.

South Africa: say 'No' to racism

South Africa: say ‘No’ to racism

While South Africa has laid a firm foundation for achieving a society based on equality, recent events have shown that "we dare not relax". So says filmmaker Anant Singh, who presented a video on human rights abuses worldwide at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Link to the video here.

Say NO to racism

“As we reflect on what the Human Rights Day mean to this country, all South Africans must say NO to racism in whatever form. Events over the last few weeks have focused the attention of South Africans on the fact that racism did not disappear with liberation.”

So says Anant Singh, renowned South African filmmaker and a Board Member of the International Marketing Council (IMC) of SA.


Black, white SA ‘interdependent’

President Thabo Mbeki has spoken out against perceptions that his administration's policies amount to "reverse racism". The future of black and white South Africans is closely intertwined, he says: the one cannot succeed without the other.


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