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Infographic: Back into Africa

Studies into DNA and genetics have shown that the human race is more connected than previously thought. This is because migration out of Africa about 60 000 years ago was not in a single direction. There was a second wave of movement back into Africa that started about 3 000 years ago.

KhoiSan origin tells us 'race' has no place in human ancestry

KhoiSan origin tells us ‘race’ has no place in human ancestry

Evidence suggests that sub-Saharan human populations retain genetic bits and pieces of DNA from non-KhoiSan primordial humans. If DNA samples were compared from humans around the world, the relationship would look more like a chain link, rather than a tree that branches out.

Kenyan filmmaker takes on race and women

Skin-bleaching agents, weaves – these are the norm for many African women pressured into trying to fit a media stereotype of beauty. One female filmmaker decided to question this Western way of doing things in an animated documentary.

The spirit of the Freedom Charter integral to South Africa’s DNA

As South Africa commemorates 60 years of the Freedom Charter on 26 June, Brand South Africa calls on all South Africans to play their part in moving our country towards socioeconomic growth and development.

McLean masters Transalp MTB stage race

McLean masters Transalp MTB stage race

South Africa's Andrew McLean and his Austrian teammate, Heinz Zorweg, claimed a dominant category victory and finished 20th overall at the 17th annual Bike Transalp international mountain bike stage race in Europe on the weekend.

Run a marathon for Madiba

Starting at Manaye Hall in Imbali – where he gave his last speech as a free man – and ending at the Capture Site, where the Black Pimpernel was finally caught, the Mandela Day Marathon is symbolic of the triumph of the human spirit. There are also shorter distances, a trail run and mountain bike rides.

Big money for SA mountain bike race

Big guns commit to Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek

Though October is still a way off, the list of podium contenders for the 2014 Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek is already an impressive one, with national, continental and world champions committing to the international mountain bike stage race.
Amashova named UCI World Cycling Tour qualifier

Amashova named UCI World Cycling Tour qualifier

The Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic road cycle race, which takes place between Pietermaritzburg to Durban, was on Thursday named the new South African qualifying event for the 2015 UCI World Cycling Tour (UWCT).
So close for Minnaar at MTB World Cup

World champ to return for MTB World Cup opener

After undergoing knee surgery towards the end of last year, three-time MTB downhill world champion Greg Minnaar is set to return to the UCI World Cup circuit in his home town of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

In the swim of things at the Midmar Mile

Backstroke, breast stroke or even doggy paddle – it's all welcome at the Midmar Mile, the annual gathering acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the largest open water swim on the planet. It's a happy, vibrant community event, with champions swimming alongside newbies, and everyone out to have fun.


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