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How can Africa improve?

Africa could solve many of the problems it faces by forming strategic partnerships within and outside the continent. The 2016 World Economic Forum in Switzerland, held in January, provided a platform for these sorts of partnerships to be discussed further.

Recollections of 16 June 1976

A planned, peaceful protest in Soweto against Afrikaans as the teaching medium in schools on 16 June 1976 became one of the most pivotal days in South Africa's history. After the police opened fire on the mainly child protestors, the march quickly changed from peaceful to chaotic. Those who were there shared their memories.

Michelle Obama pays visit to Mandela

Nelson Mandela: in his own words

He is one of the most quoted, and misquoted, people in the world - an irony, given that for much of his adult life he could not be quoted at all. But "Nelson Mandela By Himself" is the first authorised, fully referenced record of his most important and inspiring quotations.


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