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Quality basic education

In 2030, South Africans will be enriched by universal early childhood education, high-quality schooling, further education and training that allows them to fulfil their potential, and expanding higher education that accelerates the shift to a knowledge economy.

Sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life

In 2030, the terrible spatial legacy of apartheid has finally been broken. South Africans have humane and environmentally sustainable living and working conditions. Their homes have all the basic services they need and are closer to their workplaces, to which they travel in safe public transport.

First university for Mpumalanga

South Africa’s Mpumalanga province is set to get its first university, which will help develop a skills base in the area and retain school-leavers, who currently have to relocate elsewhere in search of quality tertiary education.

African shoes with soul

The style and uniqueness of the Tsonga shoe range has taken the world by storm, placing South Africa in a distinctive position in the shoe design industry.

SA fifth for governance in Africa

SA fifth for governance in Africa

South Africa ranks fifth in an innovative, comprehensive new ranking of sub-Saharan African countries according to the quality of their governance - defined in terms of safety and security, rule of law, human rights, sustainable economic development and human development.


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