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Play Your Part TV series episode 14: get involved

Episode 14 of the Play Your Part TV series features the Nosipho Community Foundation, the New Jerusalem Home for Children and the El Theos...

Play Your Part TV series: episode 14 synopsis

Here’s a little taste of what episode 14 of the Play Your Part TV Series has in store for you this Saturday. This week...

Press release: Play Your Part TV series reflection

The Play Your Part television series, hosted by Kabelo Mabalane, has been well received, encouraging conversations on active citizenship, and has seen a rise of citizens...

SKA: answering the big questions about the universe

Is the universe expanding? What is dark energy? What's the deal with gravity? And the biggest question of all; are we alone? The Square Kilometre Array, which will aim to answer these questions and more, is slowly taking shape in a remote corner of South Africa's starry-skied Karoo.


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