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Improved water testing kit ensures water safety

Rhodes University's Dr Catherine Luyt has made significant improvements to a water testing kit that will allow rural residents to make sure their drinking water is safe to use. 

Trade and investment the focus of this week’s Play Your Part TV

This Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part focuses on South Africans who are helping build a better future through the role they play in securing trade and investment.

Small-scale farms grow African women’s income

Small-scale farms grow African women's incomeRun by PhD candidate Kenalemang Kgoroeadira, Thojane Organic Farm combines traditional African knowledge with modern permaculture techniques to produce retail-worthy organic produce and a sustainable source of income.

Shout musicians sing to end violent crime

Shout South AfricaAfter South African reggae artist Lucky Dube was gunned down in 2007, local musicians Danny K and Kabelo Mabelane decided to release a single to help fund crime-fighting projects in the country.

Education, empowerment on this week’s Play Your Part TV

This Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part TV series looks at South Africans who are making their mark in the fields of education and empowerment.

Foundation believes in the healing power of dreams

Children with life-threatening illnesses are helped to fulfil their greatest wishes through Reach for a Dream. The foundation is playing its part in building a better future - imagine what you can achieve as an adult if you have beat illness as a child.

David Ross Patient: “ARVs need to be taken daily”

Aids activist David Ross Patient was diagnosed HIV-positive in 1983; today he campaigns for greater awareness on how to stay healthy, and alive, on the South African government's ARV programme, which is the largest in the world.

Play Your Part TV looks at keeping SA healthy and happy

This Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part features South Afrians who are ensuring the health and well-being of our country. They include Ridwaan Mia and David Grier from the Smile Foundation, the Reach for a Dream Foundation, Professor Ken Boffard, Emily Mabasa and David Ross.

Inspiring women on this week’s episode of Play Your Part

With August being Women's Month, this Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part TV series looks at a few inspiring South African women who are Playing a Part by making a difference in their respective fields of life.

Brand South Africa gets dirty cleaning up Simunye High School

Brand South Africa, working with the Methodist Church of South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the South African Christian Leadership Initiative made the most of Mandela Day 2014, renovating the dilapidated Simunye High School in Bekkersdal.


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