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Protection sought for South Africa's sardines

Protection sought for South Africa’s sardines

The annual sardine run up the coast of KwaZulu-Natal is a spectacular event bringing visitors to the coast. But scientists are concerned the shoal is becoming less predictable. They are gathering data to try to pressure the authorities into giving the fish more protection.

An inclusive and responsive social protection system

In 2030, South Africa is a working nation, individuals are engaged in meaningful activity, and vulnerable groups and citizens are protected from the worst effects of poverty. Everyone is able to live the life they wish to lead.

SA signs Benguela conservation pact

SA, Namibia, Angola adopt Benguela Current pact

South Africa, Angola and Namibia have signed and adopted the Benguela Current Convention, which will see the three countries working together on the protection and sustainable use of the Benguela Current marine ecosystem, one of the richest ecosystems on earth.
Boost for Addo's marine antipoaching efforts

Boost for Addo’s marine antipoaching efforts

Addo Elephant National Park's marine protection team has a new anti-poaching vessel that will be used to combat illegal fishing and poaching of the threatened abalone species in the protected area around Bird Island, an important breeding ground for gannets, penguins and a variety of marine life.
Bill provides 'robust protection' for investors

Bill provides ‘robust protection’ for investors

South Africa's new draft law on investment provides "significant and robust" protection for foreign investors, setting out a modern, open and transparent investment environment and extending it to investors from all countries, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

Endangered fynbos gets protection

A short drive from Cape Town's city bowl is the new Bothasig Nature Conservation Area, set up to protect the critically endangered Cape Flats plain fynbos.
Floral wealth in caring hands

Anti-harassment law comes into effect

This year's Freedom Day will not only mark 19 years of democracy, it will also see the new Protection from Harassment Act come into effect, enabling South Africans to approach the courts for protection from sexual harassment - including harassment via SMS or e-mail.

Bold new HIV/Aids plan for SA

South Africa entered a new era in the fight against HIV/Aids on 1 December, as President Jacob Zuma introduced a radical plan to boost protection of affected individuals and prevent further infections.

Fishing patrol ship makes waves

Fishing patrol ship makes waves

South Africa's environmental protection ship, the Sarah Baartman, has returned to Cape Town after a patrol in South African, Tanzanian, Mozambican and Kenyan waters during which 41 fishing vessels were inspected and six arrested - one of them forcefully.

African shoes with soul

The style and uniqueness of the Tsonga shoe range has taken the world by storm, placing South Africa in a distinctive position in the shoe design industry.


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