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South African goose gets a prosthetic leg

South African goose gets a prosthetic leg

A high-end digital design, a 3D printer and some dedicated people who pooled their resources have helped an amputee Joburg goose get its groove back. Ozzie the goose has a prosthetic leg printed on a 3D printer that is enabling it to walk, forage and hopefully swim and fly again soon.

Doctors on the forefront of innovation

Medical advances are making history, and people – and babies – are surviving extraordinary odds. Many of these ground-breaking medical techniques are mastered by doctors in South Africa. In some instances, they are showing the world the way.

South African amputee golfer challenges the odds

Young amputee Daniël Slabbert is a golfing champion, and living proof that adversity is no match for determination and a belief in one's own talents.
• Young SA disability activist lauded


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