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5 reasons to be optimistic about Africa

5 reasons to be optimistic about Africa

It is impossible not to have strong views when it comes to the debate on Africa's rise: despite solid economic growth and progress in poverty alleviation, people's views on the region's outlook remain stubbornly polarised. Elsie Kanza, head of Africa at the World Economic Forum, shares why she remains optimistic.
US govt contract for SA medical isotopes

‘Significant progress’ for SA’s nuclear programme

A tender process for the building of new nuclear power stations in South Africa will soon be introduced as the government wraps up workshops with potential vendor countries, such as Russia, France, China, South Korea and the US, the Presidency said on Wednesday.

Africa’s economic rise is real – EY report

Despite clear evidence of sustained progress, many remain sceptical about Africa. A new report by Ernst and Young highlights the continent's tremendous economic progress over the past two decades with the message: Africa's rise is real.

Africa rising

Africa’s time is now. In academic studies, institutional reports, business journals and the mass media a new story about Africa is emerging: one of growth, progress, peace, potential and profitability.
Zimbabwe ready for investors

Acting on Uganda’s anti-Aids progress

Uganda, once the pioneer in Africa’s fight against HIV/Aids, is re-focusing its efforts against the epidemic. An NGO with roots in theatre development is getting people to learn about the disease from their own community members, through creative expression.
Keeping the story of HIV alive in SA

Previous Campaigns

Browse through some of the material Brand South Africa created for specific projects such as South Africa’s hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™...

‘Business unusual’ for SA: Mbeki

With the theme of "business unusual", President Thabo Mbeki's annual State of the Nation Address expressed his assurance that South Africa remains on the path of progress and prosperity, with the government committed to its promise of “a better life for all” by implementing its social development programmes in more imaginative and effective ways.


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