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Solar solution mooted for Africa's produce wastage problem

Solar solution mooted for Africa’s produce wastage problem

ColdHubs, a Nigeria-based refrigeration company, is using solar power to help farmers solve food waste challenges associated with preserving and transporting produce. The idea has been recognised by the UN as one of the best environmentally friendly innovations of 2015.
Fresh produce co-op to supply Massmart

Fresh produce co-op to supply Massmart

A cooperative food garden outside Bronkhorstspruit, east of Pretoria, will soon be supplying its fresh produce to Massmart, the South African subsidiary of US retail giant Walmart, under an agreement aimed at linking small suppliers directly to Massmart stores.

Apricot industry a winner for SA

South Africa is known internationally for the quality of its fresh fruit produce, and the country is no slouch when it comes to apricots – it’s the largest exporter of top quality canned apricots in the world.
SA’s burgeoning berry industry

African farmers land juicy deal

Small-scale fruit farmers in Uganda and Kenya will soon be able to start making good money from their produce, thanks to a multimillion-dollar deal that will see them supply Coca-Cola.

Germs produce novel HIV drug

South African researchers have genetically engineered a strain of bacteria to produce large and affordable quantities of a novel and highly effective treatment for HIV.


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