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South African flag

Fly, the beloved flag

It's a potent symbol of unity and progress. It's the only six-coloured national flag in the world. It's also one of the youngest, yet whatever shape it takes - and it's taken more than any other national symbol - it's instantly recognisable to South Africans everywhere.

Care and communities at the heart of social cohesion

If unity and pride is an outcome, the means to get there is by caring for one another and creating a sense of community,...

Public art builds civic pride

skubalisto---thumbThrough his inspiring public art, painter Skubalisto is creating community pride in the Cape townships of Langa and Gugulethu.

Play Your Part nominated for City Nation Place Award

Johannesburg Skyline---thumbThe global City Nation Place Awards recognise excellence in place-branding. Play Your Part has been nominated to Best Citizen Engagement. The nationwide social movement inspires, empowers and celebrates active citizenship.

Play Your Part: a TV series to inspire

Ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things to improve the lives of all of us, will be featured in Play Your Part, when the second season of the series returns to television screens.

A legacy of harmony and pride

Although the spirit of the World Cup has touched South Africa in many significant ways, the legacy of unity is above all else for Dr Irvin Khoza, chairperson of the Local Organising Committee.

2010 Fifa World Cup: success stories

Pride for Africa as Spain strike gold

Only 12 kilometres separate Spain from Africa at their closest point, and they were united in celebration at the finish of a 19th Fifa World Cup that sent a fault line of happiness stretching all the way from Bloemfontein to Barcelona.
A South African inspiration returns

A South African inspiration returns

Musical genius and beacon of South African pride Abdullah Ibrahim will again perform for his loyal local fans. With a history of world-class concert appearances and a worldwide fan base, Ibrahim is returning home to inspire.

SA a proud nation: survey

Ninety-six percent of South Africans are now proud of their country, with white South Africans closing the patriotism gap with their black compatriots, according to the latest South African edition of the World Values Survey.

One thing unites us – we’re proud to be South African

South Africans are a nation filled with pride.

A representative survey of South Africans across the country has found that 91% of us are proud to be South African - 76% of us are ‘very proud', while 15% are ‘quite proud'. Gender, age, race, socio-economic status and education level make little difference according to the 2007 Project Nation Survey, which is undertaken quarterly by the Government Communication and Information Service (GCIS).

"It's an astounding and inspiring finding", says Yvonne Johnston, CEO of the International Marketing Council of South Africa, who are the custodians of Brand South Africa.


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