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South Africa streamlines customs control

Growth on the cards for South Africa in 2015

Lower oil prices and a rise in domestic demand could fuel a modest rebound for South Africa's economy in 2015, the Oxford Business Group writes in its latest review.
South Africa eyes cleaner fuels by 2013

Fuel prices pushed by weaker rand

The prices of petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin will all go up by between 30 and 40 cents per litre on Wednesday, with a drop in crude oil prices being negated by a deteriorating rand/ dollar exchange rate.
South Africa eyes cleaner fuels by 2013

Fuel prices to decrease

South African motorists struggling to keep up with rising costs will be pleased to know that the price of fuel will decrease from next week.
'Report unfair food pricing'

‘Report unfair food pricing’

The Food Price Monitoring Committee has introduced a toll-free number and e-mail address to encourage consumers to report acts of predatory food pricing in the food production and supply sector.


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