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South African stars #SayNoToXenophobia

The streets of Durban are burning; in Joburg the matches are ready. But the hate of xenophobia has been met with an outpouring of humanity and ubuntu from local celebrities and ordinary South Africans, who have added their voices to the hashtag #SayNoToXenophobia.
We will move forward

We will move forward, Zuma tells SA

President Jacob Zuma delivered the State of the Nation address in Parliament on Thursday night, declaring that, while the country faced some challenges, the government had an ambitious nine- point plan in place to ignite growth and create jobs.

State of the Nation Address 2015: an overview

President Jacob Zuma will deliver his sixth State of the Nation Address during a joint sitting of Parliament in Cape Town this evening. More than just a speech, Sona sets the agenda for how the country will be governed over the year ahead, making commitments to the nation that Parliament is obliged to ensure the government keeps.

Archive: Nelson Mandela at Davos

The World Economic Forum has unearthed historic photographs of Nelson Mandela at its annual meeting in Davos: in 1992, two years before he became South Africa's first democratically elected president, and 1999, the final year of his presidency.

Showcasing South Africa at Davos

South Africa to showcase its success at Davos

President Jacob Zuma will be heading up the high-level South African delegation of cabinet ministers and business leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, from 21 to 24 January, the Presidency said on Wednesday.

End of year statement by President Jacob Zuma

Read South African President Jacob Zuma’s statement to mark the end of 2014.

Nelson Mandela books: a selection

‘In his memory we draw strength’

We are stronger and more united by the legacy Nelson Mandela left us, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said, calling on all South Africans to honour the memory of the nation's former president, who died a year ago today. #RememberMandela

Guy Scott: Zambia’s impolitic white leader

His lineage bars Guy Scott from running for president – only those with Zambian-born parents may do so – but for the next 90 days he will run the nation until elections are held. Outside the country, his race is of the most significance; in Zambia, however, his ability to do the job is far more relevant.

South Africa to focus on growing its economy

South Africa to focus on growing its economy

This October South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma aims to focus on the country’s economic growth, to meet the 5% target he set at his State of the Nation address in June this year.
US-Africa summit a major breakthrough: Zuma

US-Africa summit a major breakthrough: Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma has hailed the US-Africa Leaders' Summit as a major success, saying it will lead to stronger trade and investment ties between the two continents, a renewed Agoa that includes South Africa, and a new US stance on conflict resolution in Africa.


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