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The dozen agencies that keep the country moving

Transport is the heartbeat of South Africa’s economic growth, ensuring goods and people move swiftly and safely to their destinations. We list the 12...
South Africa launches new long-haul locomotive

South Africa launches new long-haul locomotive

The unveiling of a new high-powered locomotive at Cape Town station on Monday marks a turning point in South Africa's strategy to modernise and rehabilitate the country's railway services, the Passenger Rail Agency of SA said.

All aboard the Youth Express

The Youth Express train takes off on 1 June from Johannesburg's Park station, carrying on board an energised team of people passionate about taking youth development further than it has gone before.
Youth Month focus on empowerment

Gautrain system

Public transport: Buses and trains in South Africa

If you're not used to driving long distances, buses and trains offer comfortable alternatives, allowing you to relax and enjoy the landscape. Both budget and luxury options are available.