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Lima plants the seeds of security

Lima thumbLima Rural Development Foundation runs several projects that have benefited thousands of people. Some of its most important and far-reaching programmes involve setting up systems to ensure food security for vulnerable rural households.

Finding solutions to fire dangers in energy poor households

lumkani---thumbShack fires, deaths from smoke inhalation and darkness in informal settlements could be problems of the past once four new inventions become staples of everyday life.

Africa’s turn to save the world

Hey Africa, send some warmth to freezing Norway. After Band Aid, Live Aid and all the spin offs comes Radi-Aid, with its video and a call for Africans to raise funds to send heaters to the frigid Scandinavian nation.
Trade, not aid, say youth

Getting needy kids hooked on books

The Bookshelf Project provides books and bookshelves to organisations that work with youngsters in poor communities, bringing the joy of reading to thousands of needy South African children.
Young writer to publish 18th book


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