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Tag: Pontsho Manzi

Women of excellence: Pontsho Manzi, working for female unity and empowerment

Businesswoman, inspirational speaker, coach and image consultant Pontsho Manzi has a cause close to her heart: women empowerment, female unity and the forging of an authentic sisterhood that encompasses confidence, self-esteem and mutual upliftment without competition or envy.

True gender equality rests in South Africans’ hands

SA ranks high for its legal framework regarding women's and gender rights, but Pontsho Manzi says that South Africans need to play their part in making true gender equality a reality by teaching children that men and women are equal.

Pontsho Manzi empowers South Africa’s fabulous women

Drawing on her experiences in human resources and recruitment, Pontsho Manzi runs courses on dressing for success and acing job interviews for young women who want to succeed.


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