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South Africans flying the flag for African excellence

Brand South Africa salutes the 100 Most Influential Africans announced earlier this week by the New African magazine for flying the African flag of excellence. Sixteen South Africans are amongst the 100 most influential Africans including Brand South Africa board member, Thebe Ikalafeng.

WEF on Africa opens in Cape Town

WEF on Africa opens in Cape Town

More than a thousand leaders have gathered in Cape Town for the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa. They represent business, government and academia and will explore the economic problems of and possibilities for the continent. Four African Global Growth Companies were also named.
Growth is key message for South Africa at Davos

Leaders gather in Cape Town for WEF on Africa

Then and Now: Reimagining Africa's Future is the theme of the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa. It will be the biggest of the gatherings so far, with more than 1 250 people attending, representing more than 75 countries and 83 international companies.
Three new parties for South Africa's Parliament

Three new parties for South Africa’s Parliament

With counting in South Africa's national election over 96% complete by 11am on Friday, three new political parties - the Economic Freedom Fighters, the National Freedom Party and the African Independent Congress - are set to take up seats in the country's Parliament.

Rise and Fall photo exhibition captures the scars of apartheid

A "rich tapestry of materials that have rarely been shown together" describes the wide-ranging exhibition that records, analyses, articulates and confronts the legacy of apartheid, including its impact on everyday life now in South Africa. About 700 works by nearly 70 photographers and artists will be showcased.

The women in Madiba’s life

Mandela was married three times, and had four daughters, one of whom died in infancy. All his wives have radiated a special warmth and power, from the young Evelyn Mase to the fiery Winnie Madikizela to the wise Graça Machel.

Good bye Tata, from the Rainbow Nation

Nelson Mandela has left an indelible mark on every South African. His legacy will live on, even as people mourn his passing. Around the country and the world, they gather to pay tribute to a great man and celebrate his inspiring life.

The world pays tribute to a great man

Nelson Mandela united the world in freedom and forgiveness. Once again, today he unites the world - in grief. From politicians to entertainers, from sports men and women to religious leaders, and from ordinary people the world over, tributes are pouring in for a man loved by all.

The world will miss you, Madiba

Nelson Mandela's was a life well-lived. He was an example to which each and every person can aspire - from a small village in the Eastern Cape to the world's political and humanitarian stages, via the horror and loneliness of apartheid's prisons. We salute you, Tata.

Parenting a Nation

The private and public lives of Walter and Albertina Sisulu are explored in the exhibition, Parenting a Nation. Both were stalwarts of the anti-apartheid liberation struggle, parents of nine children – four adopted – and revered by an entire country, but above all, theirs is an enduring love story.
Freedom Day: long time coming


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